Governance and Regulatory

The Governance and Regulatory Service is the heart of the decision making and governance of the Council.  The main  areas of focus here:

  • Legal
  • General Data Protection Regulations
  • Monitoring Officer role and responsibilities
  • Democratic services
  • Elections
  • Mayor and Civic duties
  • Enforcement : breaches of licensing & planning control
  • Environmental Health
  • Licensing (Taxis, Late Hours Catering and Entertainment)

If you are looking for a legal career then why not consider what local government has to offer. As a qualified lawyer you are required to give advice to council staff on a variety of matters from contracts to planning. Democratic services support the Members and the committee process, here you will also find support for our Mayor who serves the Borough for a year before changing each May. The service also carries responsibilities for General Data Protection Regulations  and  Monitoring Officer.The elections team are busy all year round making sure the electoral register is up to date and ensuring people are able to vote.  Of course they are especially busy when we have an election. The team also run the council’s reprographics unit and post room.